Strategy & social enterprise glossary

We’ve designed this glossary to help social enterprises and non-profit organizations in South Africa think clearly about their strategies and business models.

Strategic clarity involves clear thinking, and clear thinking requires clarity of language. Too many of the obstacles and conflicts that I’ve experienced have been because of miscommunication: I thought my colleagues or clients were saying one thing when they were talking about something else, and vice versa. Many of us also rely too much on jargon, which clutters our minds and encourages lazy and fuzzy thinking.

Here is some of the terminology that I regularly use in my consulting practice and lectures, and my short descriptions of what each term means in simple English.

Download the 6th edition of the Glossary.

I’d welcome feedback on these definitions and any terms that this glossary may have missed. Creating this glossary has been a learning experience.

Contributors to this glossary include: Abdul Raof Ryklief (Western Cape Department of Social Development), Andy Simpson (Imani Development); Elena Mancebo Masa (Imani Development); Fanie Nothnagel (Dalmeny Consulting); Nicole Copley (NGO Law SA); Rachael Millson (Social Enterprise Academy); Laura Bergh (Poverty Stoplight Office South Africa); Malcolm Boyd (Third Sector Insights); Nicole Capper (Mango OMC); Vanessa Ramanjam (Social Enterprise Academy).

In pursuit of strategic clarity

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